Ahlstrom renews its brand to reflect the new strategy and markets


Ahl­strom, a glo­bal high per­for­mance mate­ri­als com­pany, is launching a rene­wed brand today. The new brand iden­tity is the visual expres­sion of the company’s new busi­ness stra­tegy, which has been deve­l­o­ped as a response to the chan­ging needs of its cust­o­mers around the world. 


Ahl­strom has been buil­ding on its expe­ri­ence and know-how to anti­ci­pate cust­o­mer needs. Recently, the com­pany has made some fun­da­men­tal chan­ges in its stra­tegy and ope­ra­ting model, and the com­pany is now posi­tio­ned stron­gly towards the future. 


To reflect all these chan­ges, Ahl­strom today unveils a new brand story and brand iden­tity. They are the result of an exten­sive rese­arch among employees and exter­nal sta­ke­hol­ders across all the dif­fe­rent mar­kets and coun­tries in which the com­pany operates. 


»Fol­lo­wing the acqui­si­ti­ons made during the last few years and the recent stra­tegy review, we have worked hard to create ›One Ahl­strom‹, to ensure that this is a com­pany with strong values and con­sis­tent cul­ture and a shared pas­sion for doing things bet­ter. That means bet­ter pro­ducts, bet­ter per­for­mance and bet­ter ser­vice for all our cust­o­mers. To crystal­lize this we also nee­ded to change the way we iden­tify and pre­sent our­sel­ves,« says Jan Lång, the Pre­si­dent & CEO of Ahlstrom. 


»As an inspi­ra­tion for our employees and as a pro­mise to our exter­nal sta­ke­hol­ders, we’ll strive to Stay ahead. We’ve come a long way because pro­gress has always been our life-blood. We need to ensure our cust­o­mers stay ahead« Lång adds. 


All these the­mes are brought toge­ther in Ahlstrom’s new logo and the new brand pro­mise, Stay ahead. The brand iden­tity con­sists of com­ple­tely new colors and other visual ele­ments, which reflect the company’s com­mit­ment to rene­wal and deli­ve­r­ing results.