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Agentur Frog Design

Bloomberg And Frog Turn Raw Data Into Branding


Tas­ked with crea­ting a cor­po­rate page for Bloom­berg, frog had to figure out the cen­tral theme of all its myriad busi­nes­ses: Data, which they then used as a cle­ver bit of branding.


Bloom­berg is a spraw­ling, multi billion-dollar enter­prise, which crea­tes a dis­tinct pro­blem if you’re try­ing to explain what the com­pany actually does. They do lots of things, ran­ging from law rese­arch to sports rese­arch for team mana­gers to, of course, stock-market data crun­ching. “Many people have a sin­gle asso­cia­tion with Bloom­berg, as a wire ser­vice or a market-data pro­vi­der,” says Jen Walsh, Bloomberg’s head of digi­tal mar­ke­ting. “We wan­ted our web­site to shine a light on other aspects of the business.”


Walsh sounds like she’s descri­bing a typi­cal cor­po­rate home­page, but she tap­ped frog to create some­thing alto­ge­ther dif­fe­rent: A vast, infi­ni­tely scrol­ling wall of real-time data. The idea is that Bloom­berg, in all of its busi­nes­ses, pro­vi­des data and infor­ma­tion. So why not use that data as the actual bran­ding its­elf? “Visit­ing the office, there’s a tre­men­dous fre­ne­tic energy there. It’s like being inside one of the Bloom­berg stock ter­mi­nals,” says Moni­que TeSelle, a crea­tive direc­tor at frog. “We wan­ted to cap­ture some of that energy you get visit­ing the actual office.” (…)


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