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FIVE Unveils New Look


FIVE has today (TUES) unvei­led its new on and off-air look for its main chan­nel as part of the bran­ding refresh work which began in the Spring. This is the second wave of the pro­ject fol­lo­wing the suc­cess­ful launch of FIVER, for­merly Five Life, in April. The on-air will be unvei­led on the chan­nel on Mon­day, 6th October. 


This is the first major off-air pro­ject under Five’s Head of Brand Stra­tegy and Mar­ke­ting, Carl Rat­cliff, who said: “We feel this new work is clo­ser to the truth of the brand. Play­ful­ness and colour sit at the heart of this new identity.” Ratcliff worked in con­junc­tion with Five’s Head of Crea­tive Ser­vices, Nol Davis, to manage the new on-air stra­tegy to create a cohe­sive look and feel across all the refres­hed activity. 


Davis said: “The new on-air iden­tity reflects a con­stantly evol­ving, ener­ge­tic and enthu­si­as­tic brand and tone of voice. There is real syn­ergy on and off air which reflects a true col­la­bo­ra­tion bet­ween all our crea­tive ser­vices and agencies.” 


The refres­hed look is reflec­ted in pas­sio­nate and colour­ful off air mar­ke­ting inclu­ding tra­di­tio­nal pos­ter sites, the Lon­don Under­ground and press and digi­tal media, to initi­ally sup­port Unbre­a­ka­ble, the gru­el­ling, glo­bal adven­ture series hos­ted by Bene­dict Allen and the irre­ve­r­ent tra­ve­lo­gue series, Paul Mer­ton in China. In order to express the inclu­sive tone of the rene­wed brand the off-air mar­ke­ting now fea­tures a ‘we are’ before the Five logo. 


The adver­ti­sing cam­paigns for Unbre­a­ka­ble, Paul Mer­ton in China and the new 60 second brand spot were crea­ted by Grey Lon­don and the on-air iden­tity was deve­l­o­ped with Dixon Baxi. Nils Leo­nard, Asso­ciate Crea­tive Direc­tor, Grey Lon­don said: “We have worked hand in hand with Carl and his team to create a fresh, quirky and like­able cam­paign which reflects the high qua­lity of the pro­gramming and the new tone of voice.” 


Simon Dixon, Founder/Director at Dixon­Baxi, said: “The new on-air look com­bi­nes strong design, con­fi­dent lan­guage and the spark of per­so­na­lity which reflects the fun of watching TV with Five.” This is the first time the main chan­nel has under­gone a brand refresh since it trans­for­med from Chan­nel 5 to Five in 2002.