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Heineken launches new iconic bottle across the globe


Hei­ne­ken announ­ced today the glo­bal roll-out of the new ico­nic Hei­ne­ken bottle, com­ple­ting the rede­sign of its glo­bal brand packa­ging range. The resty­ling aims to stream­line the visual iden­tity and make the brand even more con­sis­tent and reco­gniz­able in all 170 mar­kets world­wide where Hei­ne­ken® can be enjoyed. The new bottle will come in five dif­fe­rent volume sizes and will be avail­able in Wes­tern Europe at the begin­ning of 2011 and across the rest of the world by 2012. 


Mark van Iter­son, Mana­ger Glo­bal Hei­ne­ken Design & Con­cept, said: “We believe that with one reco­gniz­able bottle the glo­bal Hei­ne­ken brand will be fur­ther strengt­he­ned. With uni­for­mity comes even grea­ter impact.” He con­ti­nued: “The bottle will rein­force the new packa­ging visual iden­tity which has alre­ady been applied to the con­tem­porary tac­tile can and embos­sed glas­ses that were intro­du­ced in selec­ted mar­kets ear­lier this year. As the mar­ket lea­der we pride our­sel­ves on being pro­gres­sive in design as well as taste.” 


The Hei­ne­ken brand’s rede­sign pro­ject was led by a cross func­tio­nal team con­sis­ting of glo­bal mar­ke­ting, supply chain and the par­ti­ci­pa­tion of a num­ber of mar­kets. It ensu­red the smooth tran­si­tion from fif­teen to five bott­les sizes, while at the same time achie­ving grea­ter effi­ci­en­cies in the supply chain. 


Van Iter­son added: “Our con­su­mer focu­ses on details. This is why Hei­ne­ken has dedi­ca­ted time and resour­ces to this design update, making sure every sin­gle ele­ment was taken into con­side­ra­tion. We have looked at each and every packa­ging detail to ensure our sophisti­ca­ted con­su­mers feel a sub­tle but signi­fi­cant dif­fe­rence. Con­su­mer response has been excel­lent. They see the new design to be modern, appealing and innovative.” 


Uni­que packa­ging features 

The new bottle, repla­c­ing the XLN (extra long neck) and Hei­ne­ken short­neck packa­ging, is intro­du­ced in two ver­si­ons: embos­sed and stan­dard. The new design fea­tures a uni­que cur­ved emboss­ment on the neck and back, which not only looks good, but also adds a plea­sing to-the-touch feel, whilst a dis­tinc­tive embos­sed mark acts as a stamp of qua­lity and authen­ti­city. Addi­tio­nally, the new shape makes it look proud while enhan­cing the pre­mium posi­tio­ning of the bottle. 


In addi­tion to the spe­ci­fic packa­ging chan­ges, the new packa­ging visual iden­tity inclu­des updates to key brand ele­ments inclu­ding an ellipse curve, deri­ved from Heineken’s ico­nic race­track logo. Addi­tio­nally, Heineken’s trade­mark refres­hing green colour has been enri­ched and its ico­nic red star emblem, the world’s most reco­gniz­able beer sym­bol, has been rai­sed above its logo. 


New visual iden­tity on glas­ses and cans.

The new bottle rein­forces the visual iden­tity packa­ging that is alre­ady in use on cans and glas­ses intro­du­ced in the begin­ning of 2010. The pro­gres­sive packa­ging intro­du­ces sen­sory ele­ments such as emboss­ments, stra­te­gi­cally pla­ced ind­ents and tac­tile ink, offe­ring con­su­mers aes­the­tic impro­ve­ments, adding to the over­all drin­king experience. 


Heineken’s com­mit­ment to inno­va­tion is evi­dent in the new can design which is the first of its kind to fea­ture tac­tile ink and be intro­du­ced across the world. This revo­lu­tio­nary ink, crea­ted by a series of small rai­sed dots on the sur­face of the can, gives the con­su­mer a bet­ter fee­ling in the hand, enhan­ced grip and allows the brand to appear more refres­hing and recognizable. 


The latest glass fea­tures an embos­sed curve on the side, adding a plea­sant fee­ling when held. It also helps bar staff by pro­vi­ding a gui­dance point for how it should be held at the draught column, hel­ping staff to create the ‘per­fect pour’. The new slen­der shape has also been pro­ven to respond bet­ter to the tem­pe­ra­ture, mea­ning it will stay cool longer.