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Agentur Lava

Lava creates identity for Moscow Design Museum.


The launch of the first design museum of Moscow is a fact. The Moscow Design Museum has no fixed address, it dri­ves!  On the 13th of Febru­ary, 2012, the web­site was laun­ched by Lava’s foun­der and crea­tive direc­tor Hans Wol­bers in the Lon­don Design Museum and the kick-off in Moscow was soon after on the 17th of Febru­ary.  As their part­ner, Lava is clo­sely invol­ved in the con­cept deve­lop­ment of this uni­que museum and has crea­ted the visual iden­tity, which is based on tra­di­tio­nal Rus­sian glassware.


The Moscow Design Museum is uni­que in several aspects. It’s the first design museum in Rus­sia, it’s the first museum in a bus and it is the result of com­bi­ned strengths of design experts from Rus­sia and the Netherlands.


First Design Museum of Russia

In many major cities of the world, the exis­tence of a desi­gn­mu­seum is the most natu­ral thing in the world. There have been mul­ti­ple attempts to open a museum in Moscow before, but they never suc­cee­ded. The time wasn’t right, the con­cept unclear or lack of funds.


The cur­rent initia­tors (Alex­an­dra San­kova, Nadezhda Baku­radze, Ste­pan Lukya­nov, Valery Pat­ko­nen) deci­ded to do it right and dif­fe­rent this time: the Moscow Design Museum will be the first Museum in the world to be a bus!   


Besi­des this mobile unit, the museum will also orga­nize exhi­bi­ti­ons in a for­mer bomb shel­ter at the desi­gn­centre Art­play. The Moscow Design Museum is an inter­na­tio­nal exhi­bi­tion and edu­ca­tion plat­form and the first and only desi­gn­mu­seum of Rus­sia. It offers space to the best in the field of inter­na­tio­nal and Rus­sian design.


Part­nership with Lava

Strai­ght from the begin­ning the MDM has been a com­bi­na­tion of strengths bet­ween the Rus­sian foun­ders and Lava Design from Ams­ter­dam. Lava deve­l­o­ped the iden­tity, the tem­porary web­site and laun­ched the plan in the Lon­don Design Museum to receive inter­na­tio­nal attention.


The iden­tity is based on the pat­terns of Rus­sian crys­tal, a uni­que heri­tance from Rus­sian design history. The geo­me­tric figu­res form the basis for a dyna­mic iden­tity which will be applied on the exhi­bi­tion design, the com­mu­ni­ca­tion, the bus, cata­lo­gues, etc..


This pro­ject is a model for Lava’s vision and method of working; con­tent, invol­ve­ment, stra­te­gic thin­king and uni­que design as a result to tell sto­ries. As their ›founding‹-partner, Lava will also give sub­stance to various activi­ties and exhi­bi­ti­ons in the near future. The opening is plan­ned for Novem­ber 2012.