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Marathon Oil Corporation Unveils New Logo


Mara­thon Oil Cor­po­ra­tion (NYSE: MRO) unvei­led a new cor­po­rate logo today as it pre­pa­res to become an inde­pen­dent upst­ream com­pany with the spin-off of its down­stream busi­ness expec­ted to be effec­tive at 11:59 p.m. EDT tonight.


The new Mara­thon Oil logo (see atta­ched logo) is an abstrac­ted tri-color energy wave that sym­bo­li­zes the momen­tum resul­ting from its upst­ream activity as well as the drive and inno­va­tion of the Company’s employees. 


The pro­cess for crea­ting a new logo began in Febru­ary with an employee sur­vey. Results of the feed­back empha­si­zed eight key attri­bu­tes of the Com­pany: focu­sed, ener­ge­tic, inno­va­tive, nim­ble, soci­ally responsi­ble, ethi­cal, dri­ven and glo­bal. The logo was desi­gned based on these key descriptors. 


An ani­ma­tion of the Mara­thon Oil energy wave is avail­able on the Company’s YouTube chan­nel at


A rede­si­gned cor­po­rate web­site at a new, is expec­ted to go live on July 1. The Com­pany will also update on July 1 its bran­ding on Twit­ter @MarathonOil, as well as on Lin­ke­din, StockT­wits and Flickr. 


This is the third gra­phi­cal logo the Com­pany has used for cor­po­rate bran­ding in its 124-year history. The Mara­thon hexa­gon shield, which was insti­tu­ted in 1962 when the Com­pany chan­ged its name to Mara­thon, will be retai­ned by Mara­thon Petro­leum Cor­po­ra­tion (NYSE: MPC) upon com­ple­tion of the spin-off.