Branche: IT
Agentur: MetaDesign

MetaDesign Creates New Brand Platform and identity for Alteryx, LLC

Already in business for over a decade with the name SRC, LLC, the company had become a recognized leader in the field of geographic business intelligence software and services. To signal the expansion of the company’s presence beyond spatial, the firm decided to change its company name from SRC to Alteryx and reposition their brand with a clearly articulated brand promise and customer offer. 


MetaDesign was engaged to develop a differentiated and refined visual and verbal presence to tell the Alteryx story. MetaDesign developed the brand promise of “Inspiring Ingenuity” and created a brand platform that highlighted how no other technology produces valuable insights as quickly, from as many data sources, or with as many deployment options as Alteryx. 


“The Alteryx brand initiative is a great example of strong management decision-making,” said Alexander Haldemann, CEO of MetaDesign San Francisco. “The focus on Alteryx resulted in a radical simplification of the brand portfolio, which will ensure the highest level of efficiency in all marketing efforts, and will support the future growth of the business.” 


To emphasize the generation of new insights from varying data sources, MetaDesign designed a visual design system comprised of overlapping trapezoids to show how integrating diverse concepts can create something entirely new. The main colors are blue, green, and yellow, conveying aspiration, growth, and creative energy. 


“MetaDesign was able to help us simplify and clarify our value to our community, and bring our new brand to life both visually and verbally,” noted Olivia Duane Adams, Executive Vice President, Marketing at Alteryx

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