Metsäliitto Group harmonises its corporate identity.


Metsä­lii­tto Group chan­ges its name to Metsä Group and adopts a new cor­po­rate iden­tity. The names of Metsä Group’s busi­ness areas change as well.


The new names and the new iden­tity rep­re­sent the final stage in a pro­found restruc­tu­ring based on the Group’s stra­tegy. The pur­pose of the pro­cess has been to create a uni­fied and com­pe­ti­tive forest indus­try group. The name Metsä cle­arly inte­gra­tes all busi­ness areas into a uni­fied Metsä Group.


The Group focu­ses on five core busi­nes­ses: wood pro­ducts, pulp, board, tis­sue and coo­king papers, and wood supply and forest ser­vices. Metsä­lii­tto Wood Pro­ducts Indus­try, inter­na­tio­nally Finn­fo­rest, is now Metsä Wood, and Metsä-Botnia beco­mes Metsä Fibre. On 28 March 2012, the Annual Gene­ral Mee­ting of M-real Cor­po­ra­tion will make a deci­sion on a pro­po­si­tion to change the company’s busi­ness name into Metsä Board Cor­po­ra­tion. The name of Metsä Tis­sue remains unchanged.


The wood supply ope­ra­ti­ons will be known as Metsä­lii­tto Puun­hank­inta in Fin­land and as Metsä Forest in other coun­tries. The new cor­po­rate iden­tity does not affect the struc­ture of the Group or the legal sta­tus of the com­pa­nies. The name of Metsä Group’s par­ent com­pany, Metsä­lii­tto Coope­ra­tive, does not change and it con­ti­nues to be a coope­ra­tive. “Our restruc­tu­ring initia­ted in 2005 is now fina­li­sed and we are well posi­tio­ned for the future. This is the right time to strengt­hen our ope­ra­ti­ons as a uni­fied group. Com­pe­ti­tiv­en­ess requi­res clo­ser col­la­bo­ra­tion and lower boun­da­ries bet­ween busi­nes­ses. It also requi­res sharing best prac­tices and making use of them,” says Kari Jor­dan, Pre­si­dent and CEO of Metsä Group.


The new logo – a moose head nobly car­ry­ing a forest in its ant­lers and the word Metsä, a Fin­nish word for forest – and the new cor­po­rate iden­tity com­mu­ni­cate that Metsä Group is a responsi­ble and rene­wing forest indus­try com­pany that respects its roots and is stron­ger than before. Its pro­ducts and ser­vices con­tri­bute to the ever­y­day well-being of people. “Metsä Group is a genuine forest indus­try com­pany. Our com­pany is owned by forest owners, which brings a long-term approach to our ope­ra­ti­ons. Our main raw mate­rial is rene­wable wood grown in sus­tainable Nor­dic forests. We have the ligh­test and most eco­lo­gi­cal boards, top-quality pulps, suc­cess­ful pro­duct brands in tis­sue and coo­king papers and top know-how in the wood pro­ducts indus­try. We have a great story to tell,” explains Jordan.