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Agentur Edenspiekermann

New brand identity for Kröller-Müller Museum.


The Kröller-Müller Museum is loca­ted in the beau­ti­ful ‘Hoge Veluwe’ natio­nal park, about a 75 minute drive from Ams­ter­dam. It com­bi­nes the second lar­gest collec­tion of Van Gogh pain­tings in the world with the big­gest sculp­ture gar­den in Europe. In spite of the uni­quen­ess of this com­bi­na­tion and the memo­rable art expe­ri­ence it deli­vers, the Kröller-Müller too often isn’t on the tra­vel plans of many Dutch and most for­eign visi­tors to The Netherlands.


With a new mar­ke­ting stra­tegy, updated pro­file and a totally new brand iden­tity, this is going to change in 2013. Per­fect timing because, after a period of dis­per­sed pre­sen­ta­tion and sto­rage, all the world-renowned Vin­cent van Gogh pain­tings are back toge­ther, well in time for the Kröller-Müller 75 year anni­versary cele­bra­tion next summer.


Open Type

Eden­s­pie­ker­mann deve­l­o­ped a dyna­mic typo­gra­phic con­cept and logo that are based on the cust­o­mer expe­ri­ence inside and outs­ide the museum walls. It is both gra­phic and sculp­tu­ral and beco­mes visi­ble due to the inter­play bet­ween light and shadow. We used Kris Sowersby’s beau­ti­fully craf­ted con­tem­porary type­face ›Kar­bon‹ and brought it to life with the help of Cinema4D software.


Vin­cent is back

One of the first visi­ble expres­si­ons of the new iden­tity is the cam­paign we deve­l­o­ped to cele­brate the rene­wed pre­sen­ta­tion of all the muse­ums’ Van Gogh pain­tings and dra­wings. Eden­s­pie­ker­mann was also responsi­ble for the visual design of the exhi­bi­tion and brought toge­ther Forbo Floo­ring and the Kröller-Müller to create the cust­o­mi­zed yel­low car­pe­ting in the Van Gogh zone of the museum.


A com­pre­hen­sive iden­tity pro­gram like this is always a work in pro­gress and we’re still working on various other brand expres­si­ons like the web­site and way­fin­ding for the museum and its beau­ti­ful sculp­ture gar­den. But don’t let this stop you from sche­du­ling a visit to this hid­den gem in the heart of the Nether­lands some time soon: it will surely tickle your senses!