Agentur Saffron

New visual identity for Apollo Tyres


For more than 30 years, the Apollo Tyres brand has been depic­ted across thousands of tyre stores, various com­mu­ni­ca­tion media and on our tyres, in a cer­tain way. The red disc logo depic­ting the unending road and the man­ner in which “Apollo Tyres” was written. 


This depic­tion, or -- as we for­mally call it -- the iden­tity, has ser­ved us gallantly through our jour­ney of beco­m­ing India’s lea­ding tyre brand. 


As we embark upon the next leg of our jour­ney in evol­ving into a glo­bal tyre brand of choice, we asked our­sel­ves whe­ther this iden­tity is robust enough to serve us for the next 30 years. Some serious intro­s­pec­tion indi­ca­ted that the Apollo we desi­red to create from Madrid to Mel­bourne via Mum­bai, nee­ded to be refres­hed. Or sim­ply put: we nee­ded a new identity. 


An iden­tity that is sim­ple, bold and tim­e­l­ess. Con­vey­ing an Apollo that is glo­bal, con­fi­dent, modern and rele­vant. But dif­fe­rent. We want to stand out from others. After all, we are not like them. We are young, ambi­tious, Indian and proud of it. We wish to pro­ject our inter­nal rea­lity to the world at large, invit­ing the outs­ide into our space. 


The­re­fore, we deci­ded to intro­duce a bit of colour, wit and fun into the rep­re­sen­ta­tion of Apollo. Sold in a bright, warm and fri­endly environ­ment. For a world that should be rid of all its gloom and pseudo-seriousness into one of hap­pi­ness, sharing, caring and the sheer joy of moto­ring. Basi­cally, the sim­ple cir­cle is one of the most power­ful forms in the uni­verse. It stands for energy, motion, life and space. The cir­cle is also the wheel. Four wheels, a vehi­cle. It is these four wheels that create the new Apollo logo. An iden­tity which is in sync with who we are and what we make. For the colours of our new iden­tity, we take inspi­ra­tion from the colours of the sun­rise and the sun­set -- when the world is at its res­ple­ndent best. And of course the fact that we make black tyres. 


Hence, the new colours of our iden­tity are:

Black for precision

Pur­ple for premiumness

Orange for energy

Light grey for indus­trious­ness and

White for purity 


These five colours com­prise the colou­red cir­cles we will be using. Along with the Apollo logo, they depict a high tech­no­logy, qua­lity tyre, built and sold by a team of dyna­mic and fri­endly people. The new iden­tity is being rol­led out gra­dually over the next 12 months. The Apollo team is con­fi­dent that the new iden­tity best depicts the ethos and ambi­ti­ons of the team. We hope to con­ti­nue to create many safe and happy expe­ri­en­ces for vehi­cle owners across the world. Enjoy the ride with us!