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The Associated Press introduces new logo and look.


The Asso­cia­ted Press will roll out a new visual iden­tity sys­tem, inclu­ding an updated logo, this year. The iden­tity sys­tem is the first signi­fi­cant change in AP’s look in 30 years and fol­lows the deve­lop­ment and imple­men­ta­tion of a master-brand stra­tegy in 2010. 


“We have world-class con­tent and world-class pro­ducts and now we have the world-class look to go with them,” said Tom Cur­ley, AP pre­si­dent and CEO. “This new look, from logo to color sys­tem, trans­la­tes to AP’s gro­wing port­fo­lio of digi­tal pro­ducts and plat­forms, and dis­tinc­tively relays our role as the defi­ni­tive source for news.”


The iden­tity sys­tem signi­fi­cantly expands the range of colors and designs avail­able for use in AP pro­ducts and ser­vices. The new logo draws on the legacy of the old one, employ­ing the well-recognized sten­cil pat­tern, but the AP logo­type is now black, with a bold red line unders­co­ring it. The logo­type and line are enca­sed in a white hol­ding box. The crea­tive sys­tem was deve­l­o­ped by the New York design firm Objec­tive Subject.


The sys­tem employs a master-brand approach, with all busi­ness units, pro­ducts and ser­vices united under a sin­gle logo. Cur­ley has worked to bring the company’s array of offe­rings – from con­tent pro­ducts in all for­mats to media ser­vices such as the soft­ware sys­tem ENPS and Glo­bal Media Ser­vices – under one look and feel since he joi­ned AP in 2003. The new iden­tity sys­tem will be rol­led out in sta­ges throug­hout the next year, with first appearan­ces on the upco­m­ing new AP Mobile news app and on the first phase of a new web­site, which will go live in March. New video, archive and images sites will fol­low in 2012 and also carry the new logo and look.


The new logo and color sys­tem are visi­ble on a tem­porary screen for AP’s cor­po­rate web­site, at

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New new visual was crea­ted by Objec­tive Sub­ject.