3.2.2020 Character

1/ST: Reimagining the sport of kings and queens.

No American sporting venue carries as much history as 1 1/4 mile ovals. For nearly as long as we’ve been a nation, horse racing has been embedded in the heart of our sporting landscape, birthing and growing a rich world of race-day culture unlike any other. But as time has passed, the 200 years of tradition that separate the sport have begun to separate people. The Stronach Group, a leading name in America’s oldest sport, partnered with us to become 1/ST—to lead the old-school legacy of horse racing into the world of today.


Transparency is the future of horse racing. This conviction anchored our work, and opened the door to the name—a moniker that demands that the horse comes first, encourages a competitive spirit, and even nods to The Stronach Group heritage at the heart of sport.


Using this belief as a guide, we took the stigmatized and turned it into accountability. Made the complex simple. Embraced the many idiosyncrasies of the track and built something cohesive with the many patterns and pieces. United the worlds of sport and entertainment. Made horse racing something for a new generation of fans. Accessible. Exciting. Transparent.


Everything rooted in racing, all with an eye on the future. We developed a dynamic visual vocabulary inspired by the geometry of racing for four iconic venues.


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