6.7.2016 Moving Brands

A fresh brand for Magisto.

From cave drawings to mobile videos, human nature’s primal instinct has always been to share life experiences through visual storytelling. Launched in January 2012, the Magisto app is one of the most evolved forms of visual storytelling, which uses Emotion Sense Technology, artificial intelligence, to analyze, edit and produce raw photos and videos into professional quality movies. Now with over 80 million happy users spanning 137 countries and in 26 languages, Magisto continues to help people create and share millions of experiences daily.


Magisto pushes the boundaries between human expression and artificial intelligence. At its core Magisto helps people express themselves, share experiences and form deep and personal connections through videos. Moving Brands was engaged by Magisto to position its brand and create a new visual language and tone of voice. We designed the key touch points needed to effectively express the new brand.


We began by crafting Magisto’s story, threading together the connection between emotional resonance and videos. ‘Moving Stories’ allowed Magisto to articulate itself and its offer concisely in the loud and competitive marketplace of video storytelling. We created a modern identity based on digital hieroglyphics with geometric components derived from video language: circle for record, triangle for play, square for stop and rectangle for pauses. The DNA of the mark inspired icons that exemplify jovially life’s common occurrences and occasions.


To enhance the full experience of the new identity, we provided Magisto with creative direction on updating and creating new themes and filters for the product. This worked seamlessly to further Magisto’s established popularity while attracting new users.