31.8.2018 Design Studio

A new brand identity for Stake.

After working as a trader for nearly a decade in the US, Stake CEO Matt Leibowitz returned to Australia in 2014. Frustrated by the lack of opportunities for Australians to access the world’s largest financial markets, Matt partnered with Dan Silver and Jon Abitz, and together they founded Stake – with the ambition of bringing the opportunity of the US markets to millions of Australians. 


As Stake grew, developing its app and looking beyond Australia, it realised it needed a distinct, optimistic brand to help them realise their global ambitions. 


Trading has traditionally been inaccessible, complex and confusing, Stake needed a brand that breaks down those preconceptions, stops talking about fees and barriers, and starts talking about the opportunity and excitement of making more of your money.  


DesignStudio partnered with Stake to define a bold new purpose for their brand. To capture their mission to revolutionize the trading experience and help people make more of their money. 


We worked closely with Stake to define a new future focused proposition ‘Never Settle.’ A challenge, a mission and a provocation to move decisively and with purpose, to question the status quo and not rest until trading has been opened up for millions of Australians.


The new brand is built around the Never Settle spirit, one of constant movement and restless ambition. Inspired by the constant cadence and movement of global stock markets and the energy of trading. 


This created a visual language filled with the energy and motion, brought to life in every application with moments of movement and optimistic language constantly reminding users of the opportunity and energy of trading with Stake.


As Stake looks beyond Australia it needs tools to quickly explain the Stake story in an exciting, impactful way. We built on the brand work with our motion partners to concept and direct a brand film to bring the new brand to life and tell the Stake story to new audiences.


Working closely with Stake’s in-house design team, we redesigned the Stake app to bring the brand to life where it was most critical – in the palm of your hand. Moments of motion, content and interaction constantly express the opportunity, simplicity and thrill of using Stake.


As Stake’s mission to transform and democratise trading goes global, we’re excited to have built a brand with the flexibility and range for the growth Stake needs as it revolutionises the way trading works for people all over the world.