Branche: Kultur
Agentur: Edenspiekermann

A new face for utrecht city theatre

Utrecht City Theatre (Stadsschouwburg Urecht) presents its new visual identity. The style offers a lot of possibilities and inspiration to grow further in coming years and to become a strong cultural brand. 


Artistic quality, cultural and social involvement and professional skills. Passion and adventure – a confrontation with the unexpected or unknown. All these notions are driving the programming of the Utrecht City Theatre. The meeting between visitor and player is a tingling and emotional adventure and often leads to reflection. This makes every meeting the beginning of something new. 


Utrecht City Theatre is the prominent theatre in the Central Netherlands. Annually, over 550 performances and activities are held in two auditoriums and at other locations inside and outside the theatre, varying from modern dance to musicals, and from modern theatre to romantic operas. (…) 



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Volkswagen zeigt neuen Markenauftritt und Logo.

Transmission Roundhouse.


Futurium: Morgen beginnt heute.

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