19.3.2021 Kurppa Hosk

A new identity for Securitas.

Securitas, the world’s leading intelligent protective services partner, turned to Kurppa Hosk to develop a visual identity and communications platform that fully reflected the company’s commitment to a human, progressive and innovative approach to security. The result was the first major update to the company’s global brand identity, including an update to the well-known Securitas logo, which has remained unchanged since 1972.


Following Securitas’ ambition of making security easy, the strategy behind the new identity focused on making the Securitas brand clear and understandable. The challenge: to ensure each experience and interaction with Securitas is that of one distinct brand, while also delivering on the modern-day functional criteria of scalability and flexibility.


The solution was to retain the strong heritage of the Securitas brand while setting the logo free, bringing the famous three dots into the future along with new imagery and design elements. The new visual identity, which is both human and dynamic, assertive and unified, will appear on Securitas’ personnel uniforms, vehicles, equipment and facilities, as well as the company’s digital tools and online channels.


Alongside the new visual identity, the brand concept “See a different world” – centered around the unique perspective that experience brings – was developed. The concept marks the start of a bold new communications strategy that has the potential to transcend the category and resonate with audiences both within and beyond the industry.


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