18.1.2012 Siegel+Gale

Aetna Unveils Consumer-Focused Brand Refresh

Today Aetna unveiled a refreshed brand promise as the company continues its evolution from an insurance carrier to a health solutions company. The most visible element of Aetna's refreshed brand is a vibrant new look and logo -- reflecting Aetna's new vision to the marketplace. Far beyond a look or logo, the revitalization of the brand is focused on driving increased consumer engagement in their health care and empowering people to live healthier lives.


"We want to help make health care work better for everyone," said Aetna Chairman and CEO Mark T. Bertolini. "Aetna's refreshed brand reflects our goal of combining innovative benefits products, game-changing technologies, and collaborative relationships with the provider community to create a system that is more connected, convenient and cost-effective. Aetna is uniquely positioned to deliver on this goal."


As Aetna continues its evolution from a health insurance carrier to a health solutions company, it is reframing its offerings into four benefit-focused categories that connect people to:

-- Quality health plans and benefits: plans, products, networks, services, programs and tools that promote individual, family and employee health.

-- Healthier living: wellness information, resources and support to help individuals, families and communities thrive.

-- Financial well-being: plans, products, services, programs and tools that help people manage their health care spending and deliver financial peace of mind.

-- Intelligent solutions: insights and expertise that enhance productivity or business results.


These categories better explain Aetna's current offerings, promote clear, simple and benefit-oriented communications, and provide insight into Aetna's future offerings.


Aetna has already begun bringing its refreshed brand to life with innovative benefits packages, industry-leading resources that help people shop for health care based on out-of-pocket costs and outcomes, and more than half a dozen unique accountable care arrangements. In the months ahead, Aetna will continue this work with the introduction of new mobile applications, access to enhanced resources and information, and even more collaborative relationships with the health care community. Beginning this spring, Aetna's advertising and marketing campaigns will reflect the vibrant new look and feel of the brand.


"By 2012, half a billion people will use health care applications globally.(1) The message is clear -- consumer empowerment is coming to health care," said Robert M. Mead, senior vice president of Aetna Marketing, Product and Communications. "As we continue our evolution to become a health solutions company, Aetna is offering far more than innovative benefits packages that appeal to consumers. Aetna is connecting people to health care information and services in relevant and meaningful ways, helping them do more online and on the go. We're putting the power of health in people's hands, helping them understand their health care and benefits, make confident choices, and lead healthier lives."


Aetna's new logo celebrates the equity and tradition of the Aetna name in a way that is both contemporary and optimistic. Aetna is symbolically reinforcing its 160-year history, its dedication to building relationships with its members, customers and providers and its brand promise of a connected health care experience through the inclusion of a connected "a" and "e." Known as a ligature, the connection of the two letters was used in the Aetna logo for 151 years, before being retired in 2001. It returns today as a unique symbol of Aetna's brand and its heritage. Global strategic branding firm Siegel+Gale advised Aetna on branding and design.


As part of a renewed focus on actively listening to consumers, Aetna also will be initiating the Empowered Health Index. This survey will assess and regularly measure the needs, feelings and behaviors of adult health care consumers. Aetna will release its findings later this year, and will be using them to inform new programs, tools and resources that will help consumers better engage with their health care providers and manage their health and wellness.

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