Air France’s visual identity is changing

The new logo – designed by the Brandimage agency – is now just one word, highlighting Air France’s ambition to be an international brand since over half of Air France's customer base is located outside of France. 


The national colours (blue, white and red) remain present on the aircraft’s tail fin and fuselage, underlining not just the airline’s French identity, but also its values and history which it has been proudly displaying for the past 75 years: 

– navy blue, predominant since the birth of Air France, evokes the brand’s historical capital and the airline’s efficiency,

– white, the colour of excellence, suggests well-being and the French travel experience,

– the bright red accent, punctuates and energizes the brand, underlining both French chic and the attention paid to Air France customers by the airline’s staff, both on the ground and on board. 


To limit costs, the changes to aircraft will be made gradually. Aircraft will be painted with the new livery during fleet maintenance operations, and new aircraft will be rolled out with the new logo. 


More about Air France’s three brand values

The logo, the standard-bearer of our brand’s three values of Excellence, the Art of Travel and the Human Touch, inspires trust in our customers and makes them feel safe, 


Excellence: this ambition demands a policy of constant innovation and compliance with a set of service standards which are among the industry’s most stringent and efficient, 


The Art of Travel: Air France uses its culture of French lifestyle to reinvent the art of travel and make it an outstandingly pleasurable experience,


The Human Touch: this commitment is based on a dual responsibility: the safety and well-being of our passengers and respect for the environment.