Branche: Telekommunikation
Agentur: SomeOne

An identity for a new partnership: CTIL.

Over the last few years Vodafone and Telefónica (O2) have been operating a network sharing agreement that allows each company to share the other party’s installation wherever practical. This has led to the formation of a new joint company – Cornerstone Telecommunications Infrastructure Ltd (CTIL). SomeOne were asked to create an identity for this new partnership.


There are many benefits to the layers of the new business, and the partnerships between Vodafone & Telefónica — it was these layers that inspired the new strategic visual brand identity.


SomeOne founder Gary Holt says of the new work ‘Rather than simply appearing as a passive ‘done deal’ – we created a design system that keeps CTIL active. Enabling people to experience and talk about the depth of offer that CTIL brings to the market.’


With a Brand World based on layers – each time it’s seen, the visual work can be configured differently, enabling people to discover a new layer at each interaction. A modular bespoke typeface runs through the applications, this too is made of layers.


Lead designer on the project, Helen Altoungarian explains ‘The colour layers also work as a navigation system that indicate where the reader is in presentations or documents. It can be used to brand without repetitive badging in deeper user experiences.’


SomeOne continue to work with CTIL to continue applying the new work throughout their hubs in Bristol, Glasgow, Manchester, Reading and West Midlands.

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