20.4.2016 Essen International AB

Assemblin: Hands-on engineering.

The problem
Imtech needed a new brand and they needed it fast. With new owners and management, an ambitious plan was decided upon. A brand was to be created and launched in under 6 months. We did not only have to rebrand Imtech, but also integrate EMC, Arealtec and Silotek into the new brand as well.


Our ambition
We jointly saw the opportunity to create a brand highlighting both the key projects and the people who have created them. Both elevated to an equal level, making Assemblin a brand truly focused on its employees and the projects they attract. A brand representing the intersection of handy work and engineering, or simply put, Hands-on engineering.


Our process
We partnered with Assemblin to create a common brand for the group. We created an identity and subsequent applications, ranging from websites to car livery and brand films. All anchored with an organization of 5000 employees.


The result
A brand to stand the test of time. A brand of people, for people. A brand for Hands-on engineering.