Atlantic Southeast Airlines Launches New Brand Identity

Atlantic Southeast Airlines, a wholly owned subsidiary of SkyWest, Inc., today announced a new brand identity that reflects its strong, forward-moving direction within the regional airline industry. 


"Our people have made big improvements in reliability over the past three years, and we consistently surpass monthly and quarterly goals set by our major partners for on-time performance, flight completion and customer satisfaction," said Brad Holt, president and COO. "We will continue to build on this momentum, and our new brand identity reflects that commitment." 


Atlantic Southeast operates more than 80 percent of its flights through Atlanta -- the busiest airport in the world -- and has improved overall on-time performance by approximately 10 percentage points over the past three years. 


Holt continued, "We are serious about consistently providing quality service for our passengers and our mainline partners. Our new brand identity illustrates that we have expanded beyond a single mainline partner and that we're ready to take a leadership position in the regional airline industry." 


In addition to the new brand logo, Atlantic Southeast's website, www.flyasa.com, has been completely redesigned and includes the airline's "Live connected." brandscape video. The site is designed to provide useful, easy-to-find information for passengers and features the new Being Atlantic Southeast blog that explores stories of life behind the scenes and on the front lines of Atlantic Southeast Airlines, in addition to useful tips for travelers. Downloadable elements of the new Atlantic Southeast brand identity are also available on the website. 


About the new Atlantic Southeast Airlines brand identity - Color: Red is a historic color in the Atlantic Southeast brand. The shade, PMS 1797, is strong and bold. 


- Aircraft: The aircraft shape represents regional equipment, and it flies beyond the box to show the dynamic future of the organization. Its position represents the airline's geographic roots in the Southeast. 


- Forward-angled box: The "forward-angled box" represents the strong, forward moving direction of the airline's business. 


- Grey bar: Represents Atlantic Southeast's partners that the airline works with to be successful. 


- Name: The full name clearly states who the airline is and is a source of pride for employees. 


- Tag line (Live connected.): Atlantic Southeast empowers people to live and work where they want, while allowing them to live connected to the people and places they love.