15.6.2021 Kurppa Hosk

Beatport – Remixing the iconic electronic music brand.

Beatport is the global home of electronic music for DJs, producers, and their fans. With a catalogue comprising more than 9 million tracks, 36 million annual customers and over 80,000 record labels on their roster, the company is a household name for anyone who knows anything about electronic music.


Kurppa Hosk and Beatport initiated the collaboration at the end of 2019 to create an updated visual identity and a new iOS app, which marks the start of a new exciting chapter in Beatport’s legacy. This is the first update to the brand’s visual identity since 2012, developed to reflect Beatport’s position as an innovation leader in its category.


All about an empowering app
Central to the user experience of the new mobile app is the “digging” feature that enables DJs to discover music and curate their collection on-the-go, using Beatport’s LINK subscription service. Right up to the point that DJs take the stage, the app now provides full accessibility, aimed to further empower DJs’ creative workflow, and to integrate seamlessly into their performance environment.