26.9.2014 Saffron Brand Consultants

Belgacom launches Proximus as main commercial brand.

From Monday 29 September we are grouping all Belgacom and Proximus products together under the new Proximus," announced Belgacom CEO Dominique Leroy today. "This change is a fundamental part of our growth strategy in which, more than ever, we are putting our customers at the center of everything we do." With this Leroy is giving impetus to the plan announced in March to make Proximus the sole main brand before the end of the year. The launch of the new Proximus brand is backed up by an extensive communication campaign.


"Proximus, always close"


Besides the launch date of 29 September, the CEO also unveiled the new Proximus logo and the baseline "Always close". "Like our brand name, our new baseline perfectly expresses our wish to be as close to our customers as possible," said Dominique Leroy. "And above all, we want to ensure that everything that is important to them is always close. For example, their family and friends or their customers and colleagues. But it can also be recreation and entertainment or information and systems which they need for their job. What Proximus brings is closeness, togetherness and connection – and that is what the X in our new logo symbolizes."


A single brand for fixed, mobile and IT for all customers


The change to a single brand is a carefully considered process and was prepared thoroughly. Currently, fixed, mobile and IT technologies are converging towards each other at an ever faster pace. Belgacom has been a trendsetter in this development for some time now and wants to play that trump card even better in the future by offering all its solutions under a single main commercial brand. The company can combine different services in an optimal way to serve its customers - both consumers and small and large organizations - anytime and anywhere. It doesn't matter whether that is via a TV, smartphone, tablet, PC or another device. And with Proximus as the overarching brand, the company's communication to customers about that offer will also become much simpler.


Closer to the customer


Closer to the customer of course means a greater focus on service. With that in mind, the new Proximus wants first and foremost to concentrate efforts on the continued expansion and improvement of its service. "We have marked out an ambitious path that we wish to follow with all employees" explained Dominique Leroy. "A lot of effort has already been made in the past year to deliver on new promises to our customers. For example, we immediately made our baseline "Always close" very concrete. Our customer service can be reached more easily, customer satisfaction is increasing and the number of complaints has fallen significantly. We are now grouping our e-services into the new app "My Proximus" and launching new services and products such as the "Same Day Repair" offer for our business customers. Of course, the launch of the new Proximus is not the end point, but rather the beginning of a real transformation. And it is our customers who will reap the fruits of this all along."

Rebranding will be gradual and automatic


Certain things, such as the Proximus TV interface, will be rolled out gradually over the coming weeks. Customers do not have to do anything: all changes will take place automatically. If they have any questions they can of course always contact the company. They will find answers to the most frequently asked questions on: