18.4.2023 EIGA

Biobrush. An eco-modern brand design for the biodegradable toothbrush.

In a world where organic and sustainability are part of many people’s everyday lives, brands need to establish new ways of seeing. For Biobrush, the biodegradable toothbrushes from Berlin, EIGA has developed a completely new sustainability brand.
Made from wood in Germany. It looks and feels like regular plastic. But what’s special about the Biobrush toothbrush is – it’s made from bioplastic from wood waste! We wanted to make this added value visible in the brand and packaging design. At the same time, we wanted to create a contemporary aesthetic for sustainability.
Add a splash of fun and meaning. We gave the brand a modern word mark and, detached from it, a freely posable symbol. The „little tree“ reminds of the raw material wood, but also of a freshwater splash. 
Fun! Despite consistency. The design elements create variety. Each product color was provided with a key visual that reminds of plant shoots. The stars on the packaging of the Kids brushes have wood names, such as Oaky, Ginko & Co. Illustrated in the same style, they provide differentiation for this line.
96% bioldegradable. The brushes are produced from wood residues from sustainable, local forestry. This results in short delivery routes and fewer CO2 emissions. Product and packaging are 96% biodegradable!
Down to the last crumb. The Special Edition brushes are molded from differently colored granulate leftovers from a production run. This creates a random color gradient that makes each piece unique. This is acknowledged by the particularly colorful outer packaging.