11.9.2020 Moving Brands

Bluewolf brand transformation.

Bluewolf is a global consulting agency and a cloud consulting pioneer. As the business continued to innovate and deepen its reach with global clients, it needed to ensure the business did so in a modern, sophisticated way.


We worked closely with them to help position the business, create a brand system and craft a communications language to reflect this new, broader offer.


We saw two prevalent themes within the organization — a passion for providing customers with the most value from future-facing technologies and the instinct to begin problem-solving and customizing solutions on the spot. These core themes became the heart of the Bluewolf story: It’s always now.


The visual identity system articulates the Bluewolf story, beginning with a refined custom stenciled wordmark designed to feel established, while conveying an actionable sense of immediacy. The external messaging ties together this punchy visual system with the action-driven messaging; communications are snappy, exciting and reflect the ‘get it done’ vigor of working with the Bluewolf team.