30.6.2016 DixonBaxi

Brand system and identity for Bluenext.

DixonBaxi has created a brand system and identity for Bluenext, a financial software company based in Italy. Born as the merger of Italstudio and Sistemidata, Bluenext is known for both its software and in particular for its customer service and attention to detail.


They create order from chaos and can provide insight and clarity. The new design system expresses this simplicity with the use of a rarified palette and an underlying grid system that can be remixed to create hundreds of compositions. These tell reductive visual stories that depict Bluenext’s human, simple and agile approach to technology. From growth to simplification to clarity of information. The system is designed to be flexible, sophisticated with a playful quality. 


The new logotype is discreet, simple and confident. The two arrows point inwards to reflect focus and direction and are used as part of the design system to frame statements and ideas. 


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