27.3.2020 The District

Britten Sinfonia.

Just over 25 years ago, Britten Sinfonia was established as a bold reimagining of the conventional image of an orchestra. A flexible ensemble comprising of the UK’s leading soloists and chamber musicians came together with a unique vision: to collapse the boundaries between old and new music, to collaborate with composers, conductors and guest artists across the arts, focussing on the musicians rather than following the vision of a principal conductor; and to create involving, intelligent music events that both audiences and performers experience with an unusual intensity.


The identity for their 2019-20 season is a reflection of this dynamism and difference. Geometric shapes converge and collide to create new forms representative of the breadth and diversity of Britten Sinfonia’s programme. Its multi-channel application allows the identities character to be dialled up and down as appropriate. Sound and movement add further layers to this multi-sensory identity.