21.2.2014 MetaDesign

Center for Digital Health Innovation.

CDHI works with innovators at UCSF and beyond to advance digital health technologies and improve life worldwide. MetaDesign crafted a new brand identity, messaging strategy and web presence to position CDHI as an up-and-coming digital health leader.


Digital health funding exceeded $1.9 billion in 2013, and the space is steadily increasing with new ventures. CDHI, a digital health accelerator housed at UCSF, needed more than a new identity and website to differentiate themselves and signal a new paradigm of healthcare: they needed a brand.


MetaDesign conducted surveys and held several brand positioning workshops with CDHI leadership, collaborating to determine CDHI’s brand personality, voice and tone, audience messages and key differentiators. The inputs gathered were used as a base to develop high-level messaging, which served to promote CDHI’s ambitious mission to improve health worldwide in an authoritative, innovative light.


A symbol for health

Inspiration for the identity emerged from the brand personality workshop. The mark both identifies the four tenets of CDHI (Innovate, Validate, Integrate, Educate), as well as creatively reinterprets the iconic healthcare cross, the universal symbol for health and wellness. The colors represent health and technology, and the customized letterforms symbolize partnership and connections.


Audacious design with a powerful message

The CDHI website design uses vibrant colors and bold messaging to represent disruptive innovations in digital health. The messaging was inspired by a workshop with CDHI leadership, and is powerful and inspiring, designed to be audacious and impactful – atypical in the traditional healthcare space. The site was built to be responsive for multi-device viewing and with a customized and intuitive CMS. The new brand received rave reviews by both CDHI and UCSF leadership, and positions CDHI as a leader in the digital health space.