29.9.2020 Saffron Brand Consultants

City Brand Barometer 2020.

The Saffron City Brand Barometer 2020 explores which cities have built the strongest brands to attract tourists from around the world. 


Cities compete to attract visitors on a global stage, many relying on tourism as an essential part of the local economy. The global lockdown in early 2020 brought about by the COVID-19 pandemic has meant that the competition to attract tourists in mid and late 2020 has grown even more fierce.  More than ever, cities must build, manage and measure their brand to attract tourists in the same way that commercial companies would to attract customers. 


Whilst developing place brands for cities and countries all over the world, we have seen first-hand the value of having a strong brand to attract both domestic and international visitors.


We created the Saffron City Brand Barometer to be a tool to assess what creates a strong tourism brand for a city. This ranking aims to highlight the importance for cities to foster a great reputation as a place to visit, explore attractions, and embrace the local culture.  


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