5.2.2022 SDG

Connecting the Health Sector of Norway.

Norsk helsenett (Norwegian Health Network) is a secure digital arena for all actors within the health sector, where you safely can exchange personal and patient information across Norway. SDG worked closely with the team at Norsk helsenett to understand the market and identify opportunities to do things differently, and transform the category into something new.


Channeling their new role, Norsk helsenett will strive to be a pioneer with high integrity, who contributes to real transformation in Health Norway. With a new brand strategy and platform, SDG designed a holistic brand experience that communicates Norsk helsenett’s bold promise and social mission: To connect the entire health sector of Norway. Going forward, Norsk helsenett will facilitate an even better and safer health service for the Norwegian people.


The identity is designed to embody Norsk helsenett’s brand attributes as a catalyst, activator and interactor. The design concept of “Connections” is implemented throughout the entire design system. It builds dynamic compositions that always underpins their social mission: To connect all of Norway’s health services.


Following the concept of “Connections”, the color program is developed to an expansive color palette offering a wide range of possibilities. The colors can be easily adapted to different target audiences. Ranging from formal and secluded to playful and expressive, Norsk helsenett has been given a strategic color program that’s differentiated from its competitors, and breathes some fresh air into an otherwise predictable and outdated colour space of the public sector.


By utilizing carefully selected cuts of Helvetica Now, Norsk helsenett will radiate a much more confident and refined brand character. An agile but concise and strong typographic system, allows Norsk helsenett to seamlessly adapt to any context or mediums. With an editorial approach at its core, the type setting perfectly adapts to digital surfaces — making it easy for everyone to consume important information.


As several of Norsk helsenett’s services are complex and difficult to explain with photography, a set of bespoke illustrations were developed. Balancing the pragmatic with the imaginary and humane, the different artworks aims to package complex information into something appealing and engaging. The toolbox furthermore feature a series of 128 custom icons meticulously crafted for Norsk helsenett’s digital services.

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Quelle: sdg.no