17.11.2011 Depot WPF

Corporate Identity for the annual World Communication Forum in Davos

The Forum aims at summoning skilled trend-makers to share best practices, new strategies, insights and creative ideas that will help improve the world of communications and form the new communications elite worldwide. Today, the new “digital natives” generation share a different perception of reality, genuineness, borderlines, and the concept of publicity becomes a part of their own true selves: they bare the consciousness of current and future citizens, workers, consumers, electors.


Respectively, the newly-designed visual style tries to emphasize the core of Communication on Top - its globalism, sense of unity, positivity, and innovative approach.


Alexey Fadeev, Director of Depot WPF, shares: “Given that the main communication media of the forum are digital (website, banners, etc.), we decided to make the logo and visual identity dynamic. The basic elements of the identity are dynamic circles, which are often used as a metaphor for communication. Moving along an invisible axis, the circles form various figures and/or letters, just like words - when united in different combinations, they give birth to different meanings. Applying the graphics onto corporate materials like brochures and posters, we were able to create an informational environment and provide people with a few points for discussion.” Yana Dubeykovskaya, Content Director of “Communication on Top”, explains the logo approval:


“The logo’s invisible vertical axis stresses on the idea of “elevation” and striving for the top – the eternal human effort to pursue your dream, to look up, to improve and evolve. And since we believe that the main drive of that “upward” evolution lies in communication, sharing and interaction, the circles should naturally move up and down, passing through one another, thus generating the association with dynamic networks in a global world, where social, cultural and political differences can be overcome in the name of a better future for us all.”


The Third Edition of Forum “Communication on Top” will take place on 9-10 February 2012, again in the picturesque city of Davos, and it is to be attended by owners and managing partners of different communication consultancies, senior managers of large multinational companies, and top-level practitioners in the sphere of corporate affairs, public relations, marketing, investor relations, media representatives, bloggers, business-school principals, scientists and innovators in technology.


Forum 2012 will cover: privacy vs. publicity, new challenges to the PR consultancies, building territorial reputation, communicating scientific innovations, interactions in virtual economics – social media games/Second Life/Online IPO, virtual vs face-to-face communication in PR and marketing, employee communications– HR vs. PR, communications associations’ mission – forming a professional community or engaging socially? ... and more. You are welcome to check the event's structure and suggested topics at http://www.forumdavos.com/programme.