Branche: Agenturen
Agentur: SomeOne

Data powered branding: Big Eyes.

A new Advertising agency with a focus on honesty and visually led thinking. Big Eyes. Branded by SomeOne‘We create strategies and communications that you can look in the eye’ — Says co-founder and Creative Director Martin Galton.


SomeOne worked with the start-up to help create a new platform to support the new business venture. We won the project based on reputation and have been working with the group for the past 3 months on developing a new visual brand identity.


The visuals feature adaptive, flexible and data-powered eyes. Created in conjunction with the generative digital artists Field — the eyes change depending on their context and application. Ever-changing the digital iris design emulates the muscular construction of biological eyes, creating unique designs for each application.


The eyes can mirror visiting clients and can be activated by client data, big or small. This flexible element of the visual brand identity enables a cohesive visual and strategic approach to be applied through all communications, joining up the dots of the new organisation.


Oliver Lewis-Barclay, co-founder and Managing Director of Big Eyes said ‘Starting a new advertising agency is not something we took lightly, it’s a wildly competitive space, what SomeOne has done has given us a unique voice from the get-go, helping us springboard our brand into the spotlight’


The new agency is based in Victoria, London (which SomeOne recently rebranded for Land Securities) and is working on a variety of new communications projects.


‘This projects marries our approach of creating BrandWorlds for brands with a fascination with creating conversations between people who are meeting for the first time. As an agency ourselves, we are constantly meeting new people, and anything to break the ice and better explain our offer is a welcome asset. That’s precisely what we have created here’ says SomeOne Co-Founder, Simon Manchipp.

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