31.1.2022 AB projets

Delphine Yeguiayan.

This visual identity project was realized for a sophrologist specialized in the family sphere, Delphine Yeguiayan. The sophrology is an alternative therapy used in health sciences, education, sports and personal development. This discipline is based on the observation and study of consciousness, body perception and the body-mind relationship, as well as their influence on lifestyle. It allows each person to optimize his or her capacities and efficiency in daily life.
Our reflection was articulated around the typographic reinterpretation in the register of the emotions. The word and the letter having a central position in this identity, the logotype is interpreted in a playful and didactic way to simplify the reading. We have developed a pictorial alphabet that stages emotions in the form of emoji literally meaning „image“ (e) + „letter“ (moji); and developed chaotic compositions of letters from the logotype to embody emotions in all their forms.

Our scope included the strategic and digital development of the project with the definition of the positioning and the editorial line for the social networks, as well as the launch of a new website.