Designing Brand Identity

Alina Wheeler

This work offers an innovative approach blending practicality and creativity, now in full-color. From translating the vision of a CEO and conducting research, through designing a sustainable identity program and building online branding tools, „Designing Brand Identity“ helps companies create stronger brands by offering real substance. With an easy style, step-by-step considerations, and a proven, universal five-phase process and methodology for creating and implementing effective brand identity, it offers the tools that brand managers, marketers, and designers need when creating or managing a brand. The new edition now includes a wealth of full-color examples and updated case studies for world-class brands such as BP, Bank of America, Harley-Davidson, Tazo Tea, and Mini Cooper. Alina Wheeler (Philadelphia, PA) applies her strategic imagination to help build brands, create new identities, and design brand-identity programs for Fortune 100 companies, entrepreneurial ventures, foundations, and cities.

Alina Wheeler
John Wiley & Sons
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