13.5.2021 Stephen Kelleher / Gunner

DocuSign Brand System.

DocuSign is the world’s leading eSignature platform, facilitating safe and secure business transactions on a global scale. Their forward-thinking approach emphasizes efficiency for its users and the environment, saving billions of pieces of paper through avoidance of wasted printouts for signatures. With brand principles rooted in efficiency they needed an accompanying visual system to create greater impact, meaning and memorability.


Rather than simply creating brand illustrations, we instead developed a modular system which can articulate virtually any message from screen to billboard. The basis for this system is a suite of uniform gridded assets which can be paired, combined or compiled for added meaning. With these simple iconic building blocks we mirror DocuSign’s core brand ethos of efficiency; communicating unlimited messages with minimalist means.


Stephen Kelleher: Creative Direction, Brand System
Agency: Gunner