14.10.2009 Duffy & Partners

Duffy & Partners Announces New Identity for New French Bakery

Duffy & Partners, the internationally recognized branding and design firm, announces the addition of another client to its culinary portfolio. New French Bakery, makers of Artisan breads in the grocery, retail, food service and restaurant markets, tapped Duffy & Partners to redesign the bakery's brand, identity and packaging. 


Since opening in 1995, New French Bakery has rapidly grown from a small neighborhood bakery to a national suppler of freshly baked artisan breads. The company bakes more than 700 varieties of conventional and certified organic Artisan breads and rolls and distributes to customers across the country. Prepackaged Take & Bake products, with a three-day shelf life, are sold at supermarkets and retail outlets throughout the United States. The company also has a strong food service business, supplying restaurants and chefs with Par-Baked bread and rolls that can be quickly prepared prior to serving. 


Realizing that the recession provided an opportunity for increasing market share and profits, the company turned to Duffy & Partners for their track record of helping growing companies break through to the next level of business, and for their branding and design leadership in the food industry. 


"Smart companies gear up and break away from the pack during an economic downturn," said Joe Duffy, chairman and principal of Duffy & Partners. "Strategically investing in refreshing a brand leads to increased sales, and positions a company to maintain those sales into economic recovery." 


With an opportunity to differentiate the New French brand, the new logo and design language provide a graphic impact in the chaotic visual arena of the market. The classic fleur-de-lis design of the original logo has been transformed to a simple, sleek and straight to the point design, with the name of the bakery front and center flanked by soft blue hues. Packaging for the take home products introduce the shopper to the new branding with bold, simple words. 'Take, Bake, Yum!' appears in bold letters that send an honest message to the consumer that the product enclosed is no-nonsense and incredibly easy and fast to make, while at the same time being beautiful, aromatic and delicious. Duffy created and designed signage for in-store locations, as well as t-shirts, business cards and the company Web site. 


"We wanted to talk about bread in a fresh, honest voice while at the same time keeping things simple," said Duffy. "The smells, the feeling, the experience, passing it around at the table; all of these things connect with the consumer at a deeper level. Consumers are looking for authentic quality, which is exactly what New French is all about." 


"We are still one of the few privately owned operations in this business, which gives us the ability to remain true to our Artisan techniques, use the highest quality ingredients, truly understand our customers and enhance their experience," said Peter Kelsey, founder, owner and head baker for New French Bakery. "Duffy & Partners used design to communicate our passion and enthusiasm. With packaging and language that elevates the New French brand in the marketplace, we are positioned for growth." 


The newly branded packaging is now on store shelves across the United States, Bahamas and Cayman Islands. Consumers can currently find New French Bakery products at Super Target, IGA, Coborns Delivers, Festival Foods, Kings Supermarket, Lowes Foods and other national grocers. Consumers can also order direct through the bakery's Web site, which features the new Duffy design, at www.newfrenchbakery.com.