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Studio Dumbar

Lloydstraat 21
3024 EA Rotterdam
+31 10 448 22 22

Gründungsjahr: 1977
Mitarbeiter: 30
Geschäftsführung: Gert Dumbar

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At Studio Dumbar we divide our projects into two fundamental categories: visual branding and free spirit. A mix of projects in both categories creates the "electricity" we are looking for with our creative team. It's one of the aspects making Studio Dumbar a source of creative power to clients and an attractive work environment for talent.   VISUAL BRANDING More and more businesses dicover the stratigic and commercial relevance of design. So what's the best term for describing the crucial role of design in business and branding? We invented the term Visual Branding. This is design beyond the logo, beyond the static idea of a corporate identity, beyond technical terms like "multi channel". Visual branding defines the personality of a brand and translates it into a holistic, integrated "visual language". It means a shift away from strict rules, causing uniformity. Instead, visual branding ensures that a brand expresses a consistent, attractive personality anywhere, anytime, anyplace.


Dutch Ministry of economic affairs

Dutch Ministry of LNV

Dutch Police Force

Hella Jongerius

EU 2004


Saic Motors


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