21.1.2015 Prophet

Electrolux Launches New Global Visual Identity.

Electrolux, the global home and professional appliance brand, has introduced a new visual identity designed by Prophet, a next generation brand strategy and marketing consultancy. Prophet’s work aligns the global identity and expresses Electrolux’s vision to grow its reputation for innovation and compelling customer experiences. It includes a refreshed logotype, color palette and visual system. .


“Electrolux is on a journey to become a world-class consumer marketing company, with a clear focus on consumer driven innovation and strong brands. A key ingredient of this is to create an exciting and differentiating brand experience that is consistent across every consumer touch point. Our new visual identity will help us achieve that, in a digital and retail landscape that has changed dramatically over the past years,” said MaryKay Kopf, Chief Marketing Officer of the Electrolux Group.


Armed with a deep understanding of Electrolux consumers, Prophet partnered with Electrolux’s marketing team to modernize and appeal to consumers on an emotional level and create a unified look on everything from advertising campaigns to product packaging.


The Electrolux logo was stripped of superfluous shapes and the tagline, maximizing its visibility and impact. A custom, modern sans serif font was designed that is both distinctive but also evocative of the shapes in the iconic brand symbol, first used in 1962. Electrolux’s core color blue was darkened for a more premium and modern appearance supported by a palette of bold, vivid colors that will stand out in retail environments.


Hector Pottie, Associate Partner and Creative Director from Prophet, London, added: “We set out to create a visual identity that would enable Electrolux to tell its story to the world in an appealing way; it was crucial to present the benefit of a product and not focus on features. In addition, the identity has to work hard to stand out from the crowd and unify the brand at every point people encounter the brand.”


The new visual identity will be rolled out globally across all channels – in-store, online, on packaging and through mobile devices – in phases starting in mid-January, 2015.