1.4.2017 Brand Union

Flying to a new LEVEL.

LEVEL will take to the skies in June 2017 with flights from Barcelona to Los Angeles, San Francisco, Buenos Aires and Punta Cana. Fares start from €99 one way.


Alex Clegg, CEO of Brand Union London, said, “We were thrilled to work with IAG. How often do you get to launch a brand new, truly global, airline brand? Everyone wanted to work on LEVEL and I believe this passion shows in the minimalist design style that speaks very directly to the audience that we want to reach.


The team at IAG were really committed to doing something new and different. This is a brand for our times, a brand for people who collect experiences, not things. LEVEL joins the stable of world-class brands that our agency has created”


Robert Boyle, Director of Strategy at IAG said: “LEVEL is an exciting new IAG airline brand, which brings a stylish and modern approach to flying, at prices that are even more affordable.


LEVEL will become IAG’s fifth main airline brand alongside Aer Lingus, British Airways, Iberia and Vueling”