27.12.2016 Foreign Policy

Gallery & Co. Branding.

Gallery & Co. is the official museum store at the National Gallery Singapore with a bookstore, restaurant, bar and design store in a continuous space.


Engaging a global perspective to inspirations taken from Southeast Asian art and culture, it fuses art and design into a curated retail experience spanning books, design collectibles and prints, homeware, fashion, and children’s products, accompanied by the Gallery’s exclusive line of merchandise to complete the museum experience.


It is the official museum store and main cafeteria spearheading the brand marquee into the visitor’s experience at the National Gallery Singapore.  & Co. is a creative business partnership with collaboration at its core. The logo of &Co. is essentially: (________) & Co. with the empty box for any partner brands to be filled in.


Where Fine Arts meets the Applied Arts — the design language referenced the primary elements used in art-making:

— Lines and Dots
— Circle, Square and Triangle
— Red, Blue, Yellow and Green

resulting in a multitude of patterned possibilities, which mirrors the collaborative spirit of & Co.