5.2.2014 Firedog Creative

General Microbiology introdced a new brand identity.

This week, the Society for General Microbiology launches its new website and brand, the culmination of a period of transition that has coincided with the Society relocating to Charles Darwin House in London.


The Society has worked closely with the design agency Firedog and a branding working group consisting of Society members. In early 2013, Firedog ran a series of workshops for Society members and staff to explore the values, perceptions and beliefs within the field of microbiology that informed and inspired the new visual identity.


The Society’s new logo, which consists of an icon and a word mark, is an instantly recognisable symbol of the Society and its values. We spell out our name in full, making us easily identifiable to other organisations. The ‘look and feel’ of the Society has also been updated, bringing together geometric and curved shapes to represent both the analytical nature of microbiology and the organic shapes found in nature.


Society for General Microbiology Council member Dr Paul Hoskisson, Chair of the working group, said of the rebrand: ‘I am delighted with the Society’s new brand; it reflects both our heritage and our desire to keep evolving so we remain relevant both today and in the future. 


‘Microbiology is fundamentally important and central to our daily lives – driving virtually all process on Earth. We have an exciting story to tell and our new visual identity should help us connect with all our stakeholders. 


‘I would also like to take this opportunity to thank all those who have been involved in the rebranding process and who have given up their time to help shape this new look for the society.’