25.5.2020 omse


GROUNDED are an innovative packaging company. They provide bio-degradable products which take 182 days to decompose and renewables which are 100% reusable or recyclable.


They want to remove plastics from the supply chain and help brands and businesses LEAVE NOTHING BEHIND. To reflect this strategy we created an identity which decomposes.


We collaborated with Family Type who designed the typeface to literally decompose as you type. Alternate glyphs allow flexibility in situations where branding needs to be dialled down.


Products are fully customisable and pricing is based on the impact you make, not the amount you spend. Dissolving animations serve as a visual aid to describe the lifespan of their products.


Parts of the typeface look like they are being broken down. We call these sections Fragments and use them to create bold layouts.

Quelle: omse.co