25.6.2022 F&B Happy

Hexatronic: A lasting link to the future.

The world is heading rapidly towards a digital future. But before the promise of a connected society can be realized, tens of thousands of kilometres of cables have to be laid, often in unforgiving environments. With customers on four continents, including telecom operators and network owners, Hexatronic offers leading-edge fiber solutions for any and all conditions.


The market for fiber technology solutions is constantly evolving. While fiber to the home (FTTH) remains the focus of most suppliers, other areas are becoming increasingly important—not least heavy industry, transport, and harsh environments. What’s more, the emerging 5G wireless technology relies on robust fiber optic networks.


Since 1993, Hexatronic’s mission has remained the same: to provide society with durable fiber-based connectivity. To accommodate the company’s impressive development, it was essential to shift focus—from cables to communication infrastructure—and reinforce Hexatronic’s reputation as a dependable partner.


Working closely with Hexatronic, our challenge was to clarify the relationship between parent company and the multiple subsidiaries operating worldwide—and create a powerful umbrella that can represent all parts of the offer. A new brand platform and a number of freshly defined business areas map the future for Hexatronic. The revamped identity provides the necessary visual tools to reach stakeholders across all platforms.


The brand experience shares the group’s knowledge and expertise generously, while conveying the essence of its new statement: A lasting link to the future.


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Quelle: happy.fb.se