1.9.2014 Moving Brands

IfOnly – Unlocking extraordinary experiences.

Serial tech entrepreneur, philanthropist and San Francisco social staple, Trevor Traina came to Moving Brands at the earliest stage of his latest venture, a combination of celebrity experiences and charity, called IfOnly. Together, we worked to define the core story at the heart of the new business and create a visual identity system to articulate that story to its audience through a stunningly beautiful website.   Story IfOnly enables people to have one-of-a-kind experiences with superstars and luminaries, with a portion of every sale benefiting a charity of the celebrity’s choice. From a brand story perspective, that meant reigniting the childhood excitement of meeting our heroes and translating that passion into exclusive real world experiences.   System IfOnly’s story is told through its mark; the letters “f” and “O” come together to form the key to unlocking a world of magical and exclusive possibilities. The surrounding identity system epitomizes approachable luxury with an elegant black and white color palette punctuated with punches of vibrant jade green.   Experience Selling over 2,000 experiences in its first year alone, ifOnly has successfully captured the imaginations of its customers and the support of celebrities and luminaries from a wide range of backgrounds, including sports, music, entertainment and food and wine. As the brand continues to grow, so does its impact on the world. To date, ifOnly has worked with over 150 charities and raised more than $1 million. By all accounts, the brand is truly living up to its promise of “Extraordinary Experiences for Good.”