7.1.2010 Interbrand

Interbrand develops brand for Light Blue Optics

Following a 12 month brand building programme today sees the unveiling of the new Light Blue Optics (LBO) brand. Interbrand partnered with the LBO team to create a striking and engaging brand that matched the power and potential of their breakthrough technology. With a vision to become the world’s largest supplier of miniature projection systems, LBO has the capacity to re-shape an entire category by redefining the way people view and interact with content. The Interbrand philosophy stems from a belief that brands have the power to change the world, so partnering with LBO to help define their brand was a natural fit. 


LBO’s Holographic Laser Projection - or HLPTM - technology has the potential to shape multiple categories, from consumer electronics and automotive to the industrial sector and beyond. Some of the world’s leading global brands are partnering with LBO, so we needed to create a brand that demonstrated real gravitas, but that also had the flexibility to work across multiple categories. 


Our work with LBO covered all aspects of the brand development cycle including the positioning, brand architecture, visual and verbal identity, and a suite of launch materials, including multimedia content and a powerful new website. 


From a design perspective, the almost hieroglyphic ‘eye’ logo takes inspiration from humanised technology. Hinting at projection, vision and a play button, all aspects combine to deliver a truly powerful icon that plays a very prominent role in the brand delivery and experience. Occasionally ‘the eye’ is used in place of the LBO name or the pronoun ‘we’ in copy, the visual and verbal elements interweaving playfully. This can be used to add intrigue, and is part of the instantly confident and iconic execution needed to build lasting recognition. 


“At Light Blue Optics, we aim to partner with visionary, world-leading organisations, so Interbrand were the natural choice,” said Tamara Roukaerts, Director of Communications at Light Blue Optics. “The team immediately understood our technology’s potential to change the way we see and interact with the world and have created a brand that captures and communicates this potential perfectly. The iconic 'eye' logo has the visual impact and narrative drive to be a memorable ingredient that works across markets, resonating with the consumer and LBO’s corporate customers alike.” 


“This technology will change things significantly, and we’re proud to have been part of the brand’s inception and continuing development. We’ve created something simple, bold and distinctive which is as much a testament to Light Blue Optics’ ambition as it is to their invention,” said Chris Davenport, Managing Consultant Writer at Interbrand.