15.7.2013 Oxide Design

MCC unveils new brand identity.

Metropolitan Community College today introduces a new brand and identity system that sets the visual direction of the College for years to come and modernizes the recognizable MCC "M."


The College worked with local design firm Oxide Design Co. to refine the College brand and visual identity. With the goal of developing a bold and forward-looking brand identity, the College worked with students, staff, faculty and administrators to compile input on the College's brand attributes. Oxide Design worked with this input to develop the new logo that reflects a contemporary, multifaceted and growing MCC.


"Metropolitan Community College has undergone a tremendous transformation in the last 40 years, and this updated brand is another sign that MCC continues to move forward," said MCC President Randy Schmailzl. "Our ultimate goal is to attract students and industry partners to the College with a contemporary brand that also reflects our long history in the community."


The new M was developed to represent the current and future MCC while also maintaining a connection to the past. The M incorporates many different triangular pieces in shades of blue. These triangles combine to form one M, reflecting the College's various parts, programs and locations that come together to represent the institution. Triangular points represent the different directions and paths MCC offers. Small triangles combine to form larger shapes, representing the diversity of MCC’s program options.


The blue color is a nod to previous iterations of the College logo and maintains a tie to the College's past. By using various shades of blue, the logo offers a fresh color with many variants. The previous MCC M had been used since the early days of the College in the 1970s.


In addition to the logo, Oxide selected an updated typeface with a warm, friendly character and a new color palette of various shades of blue. Through these brand updates, MCC seeks to reflect its mission and identity while also creating separation and distinction from other educational institutions.


The new visual identity will be deployed on the MCC website immediately. Other branded items, including facilities signs, vehicles, letterhead and more, will be replaced in a multi-year process.