28.9.2012 Siegel + Gale

Mindtree unveils a new brand identity.

Mindtree Limited, the global IT solutions company, today announced its new brand identity with the unveiling of its mission, values and logo. The rebranding initiative reinforces Mindtree’s ongoing transformation to an expertise-led organization. The new brand identity highlights Mindtree’s differentiated approach to sophisticated global customers, while also appealing to younger audiences that form the global talent pool of the future.


The rebranding activity is a strategic component of Mindtree’s vision of becoming a billion dollar company and will bring alive the new values of ‘Collaborative Spirit, Unrelenting Dedication and Expert Thinking’.


“Mindtree is looking confidently at the future, standing on the strong foundation that we built in the last 13 years” said Subroto Bagchi, Chairman, Mindtree Limited. “Our difference is our unique approach balancing a human perspective with deep strategic thinking which enables us to create possibilities to help our clients succeed”


“The new identity captures our values and beliefs. The brand voice - bright, confident and active will drive our behavior and lead us to greater successes” said Krishnakumar Natarajan, CEO and MD, Mindtree Limited. “We focus to deliver business value to our customers. Our expert solutions make us the trusted partners who drive a positive impact for businesses and societies,” he added.


Mindtree’s new logo of multiple strands weaving into a harmonious hub represents the meeting of minds and technology and speaks of humanity while projecting a forward looking momentum. The tagline “Welcome to possible” is a simple but powerful expression of the brand mission, values and promise. The brand identity was designed in Los Angeles, USA by Siegel + Gale.


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