19.7.2013 SomeOne

MyJar: Listening & Learning.

MYJAR is a new breed of financial services company specifically designed to help people manage their money by lending small amounts responsibly — one jarful at a time.


SomeOne won the project to strategically rebrand the web based, UK company in early 2013. Previously known as TxtLoan the new name and brand were created by SomeOne. Advertising and digital work are being created by VCCP.


The branding is responsive and reflects the communication topic. The typographic ‘Jars’ fill up with colour depending on the messaging. So if the brand is talking about a little loan, there will only be a little amount of colour in the hollow letterforms. If the topic changes to talking about larger amounts of money, the colour begins to flow into the characters.


Lead Designer for SomeOne, Shaun Turnbull said ‘Clarity cuts through in this muddy market. We’ve designed the branding to walk this walk. No fluff, just simple, quick, easy and elegant communications to help people understand if this product is for them.


SomeOne, Co-Founder, David Law continues ‘I am utterly bored by almost everything branded in the financial sector. So much in the sector is just plain ugly and miserably broadcast in it’s monologue approach — That’s why we’ve created a visual brand identity that listens to what is being said and adapts to it’s environment — a brand that talks up to its customers, not patronises them — which is a radical and welcome departure from the dismal industry norm.’


The bold and clear nature of the graphic language reflect a deliberate push away from the muddled and confusing language often employed by the financial sector.