Branche: Kultur
Agentur: Saffron Consultants

Name Release: Oklahoma Contemporary Arts Center.

City Arts Center is pleased to announce a change in name from City Arts Center to Oklahoma Contemporary Arts Center, effective immediately.


With assistance from Saffron Brand Consultants, the strategic brand consultancy, the new brand was developed following a 6-month project aimed at increasing Oklahoma Contemporary’s profile as a cultural destination.


The Oklahoma Contemporary Arts Center brand is focused around the idea of ‘Creative Connections’, speaking to the role of Oklahoma Contemporary in connecting the local community with contemporary art, connecting art with the individual, and hosting the conventional alongside the unfamiliar. This spirit of connection is reflected in the new visual identity that allows for the work of exhibited artists to take center stage, while projecting Oklahoma Contemporary’s unique personality. The identity will be brought to life across Oklahoma Contemporary’s communications and their built environment, including a new stunning building due for completion in 2016.


Mary Ann Prior, Executive Director of Oklahoma Contemporary said, “Our ambition is to create an art center where everyone can engage with art on their own terms, one where those who want to learn and create are given the tools and opportunities to do so at their own pace. The launch of the Oklahoma Contemporary brand is a key part of our vision to form creative connections within our community, and we are looking forward to an exciting time ahead, launching new exhibitions, education initiatives and even a new building under our innovative brand.”


Mayor Mick Cornett echoed the sentiment by adding, “We have long been working on the Tenth Street Corridor and also on Broadway. Now very near that intersection comes possibly the most magnificent investment of all.”

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