29.10.2018 Kurppa Hosk

New brand identity for FOMO.

FOMO is a live web-tv broadcast, a concept and the brainchild of Pontus Djanaieff and Jonas Kleerup. The idea is built around the emotional turmoil of missing out on important and entertaining news, events, or any other occurrence.


As the digital age becomes more and more prominent, so does the insatiable appetite and desire to keep up to date. Both Djanaieff and Kleerup wanted to embrace this and create a forum to serve as the home for all the notable popular culture that exists.


When FOMO approached Kurppa Hosk with their idea, it was immediately evident that the brand identity and visual communication needed to be as visually stimulating as the content. A reoccurring theme during the collaboration, was giving visitors of the platform the notion that they were being absorbed entirely by the content. Moreover, the new design would have to tirelessly produce the feeling that there is a constant supply of energy.


FOMO developed into a compilation of all visual content that exists online. Music videos, contemporary art, interviews, live footage, excerpts from film, and more, as long as it had “the right vibe”. The brand identity and visual design are an homage to the digital age’s fundamental components and format.


A series of visual communication elements, including moving images, illustrations and 3D visualizations take the form of audio, coding, data, static, sound waves and more. This somewhat organic and voltaic expression comes to life across the entire spectrum of assets, including the logo.